We are back with a new organization but the same concept and location!

Anyone can register to participate in the Beach Throwdown Online Qualifier. The format of the qualifier: three workouts, all to be completed with your buddy, within the qualifier period. The workouts do not need to be performed on the same day or a particular order.

The qualifier runs from Tuesday May 9th 2023 until Tuesday May 30th 2023 20:00CEST.
Teams that qualify for the final event must have videos of all their workouts

The Beach Throwdown Finals will be held at The Beach Stadium (strandweg 4, 2586 JW, The Hague, Netherlands) on July 15-16th 2023.

Check the rulebook for the refund policy.

The workouts will be released on Monday evening (CEST) May 8th 2023 via Competition Corner and our social media accounts.

Teams may choose between the Rx and Intermediate division. After registration, the team can still switch to another division up until the deadline of the qualifier. Teams consist of 2 Males OR 2 Females.

From the qualifier, the following number of teams qualify:

  • Rx Male/Male teams: 72 teams (36 Alpha and 36 Bravo)
  • Rx Female/Female teams: 48 teams (24 Alpha and 24 Bravo)
  • Intermediate Male/Male teams: 72 teams (36 Echo and 36 Foxtrot)
  • Intermediate Female/Female teams: 48 teams (24 Echo and 24 Foxtrot)

All Rx teams will compete on Saturday and Sunday. All Echo teams will compete on Sunday. All Foxtrot teams will compete on Saturday.

Please read carefully to be sure you’re in the right division. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. A: I can do 3 Muscle Ups unbroken or more or B: I can do 5 Pull Ups and Toes to Bars unbroken or more
  2. A: My 1 RM Clean & Jerk is at least 100/70kg or B: My 1 RM clean is lower then 100/70kg
  3. A: I can walk on my hands or B: I can do Handstand push ups
  4. A: I can perform a legless rope climb or B: I can perform a regular rope climb

If you’ve answered 3 or more times A you could best sign up for the Rx division, otherwise go for Intermediate. If in doubt please feel free to contact us.

Make sure to read the full rulebook for all information about the Beach Throwdown.

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